CIO Cloud Summit, 14-16 June, 2011, Scottsdale

Start: April 15, 2011
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Addressing Enterprise Cloud Computing Challenges and Benefits

In just a few years, cloud computing has transformed from an idea and concept into a mainstream tool in every IT executives’ toolbox.

With CIOs needing to operate a leaner, lightweight and more efficient IT shop, cloud-based applications and services have been well received by CIOs who need agile tools to support the highly demanding and dramatically changing enterprise. However, many things are still unknown about the cloud. 

For example: How do technology executives know that data is secure? Which data stays on premise and which goes into the cloud? How can we efficiently manage cloud environments? What are the compliance laws governing cloud computing?

With so many questions and hesitancies, along with such a great opportunity to transform your IT department, can you really afford to ignore cloud computing?

The CIO Cloud Summit will help C-suite executives better understand the true capabilities of cloud computing and the transformational opportunities it can bring to their business.

Through a unique blend of focused case studies, CIO think-tanks, CIO debates, analyst workshops and visionary keynotes, technology executives will leave the event feeling invigorated and enthusiastic, with critical takeaways that can be implemented back at their business.

Here are a few reasons why we think you need to join us:

The Insight: Forget the traditional slideshow presentation, the CIO Cloud Summit is about sharing true insight among IT executives.

You’ll explore the pros and cons of cloud-based projects in order to learn, discuss, debate, and, ultimately, make better-informed decisions for your organization.

The Content: Content is king at the CIO Cloud Summit! You’ll hear from more than 35 of your CIO peers over two days.

The event’s agenda includes 25 case study presentations and specialized think-tank style discussions, 10 executive vision sessions, and 5 leadership workshops. This agenda format promotes value and balance, and will allow you to maximize your time out of the office.

The Networking: Connect with an unrivalled array of peers to share technology knowledge, exchange ideas and build long-lasting professional relationships that will follow you throughout your career.

The Take Aways: With more than 120 C-suite business leaders in attendance, The CIO Cloud Summit creates an intimate and unique environment that will allow you to take ideas back to your business, and shift your CIO career from cost saver to value provider.

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