Another Cisco Qualification for Synergon: Fifth in the World

Synergon Information Systems Plc. has also acquired the Cisco Advanced Data Centre Network Infrastructure Specialization qualification.

About the qualification  

The Advanced Data Centre Network Infrastructure specialisation certifies Synergon’s competency in the fields of the design, implementation and operation of data centres.

In the possession of the qualification, Synergon is certifiably able to perform the small, mid and large enterprise data centre systems related tasks.

In the possession of a comprehensive command of the profound knowledge used in the data centre projects Synergon is also able to participate in the implementation of multi-site centres serving large areas.

Cisco specifies the presence of this present specialisation for the supply of certain solutions regarding several fields and technologies.

The Cisco Advanced Data Centre Network Infrastructure Specialization qualification has only been achieved by four enterprises in the world so far and now Synergon is the fifth, being the first enterprise with a pronouncedly system integrator profile to achieve this specialisation within the European Union. The specialisation shall be renewed annually.

One major condition of the qualification was for Synergon to employ the proper number of experts who have passed a Cisco examination in the field of data centres.

Synergon provides for more and more data centre needs in the Hungarian market, so in accordance with its strategy, by means of achieving this present qualification Synergon proves that it is able to adopt to the requirements of the quickly changing market and plays a leading role in experiencing and spreading new technologies on the network market. The gained knowledge properly supplements Synergon’s already acquired professional competence falling outside the scope of the IP network of the data centres (such as building works, passive network elements, cooling, power supply, over-voltage and disturbance protection, fire fighting systems, safety technology systems), which is attested by several successful computer room building references.

Source: Synergon

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