Cleverbee Partnering with Adobe to Offer More Sophisticated Solutions

Cleverbee has chosen the products of a new, strong partner – Adobe Systems – for its software solutions. Adobe’s products are a versatile and robust tool designed for the processing of documents as part of a DMS, which is exactly the type of application that Cleverbee has been developing since long ago. They will have a wide range of applications in Cleverbee’s software solutions.

“Partnership with Adobe Systems is the result of natural selection. We are committed to offer our clients still better solutions and Adobe’s software is, in our opinion, the ideal document management tool. That was why we chose Adobe’s products”, explained Michal Stepanek, executive manager of Cleverbee, s. r. o.

“The quality of our software solutions could be enhanced once again due to our partnership with Adobe Systems”, added Michal Stepanek.

Out of Adobe’s product portfolio, Cleverbee is going to use mainly the tools based on the LiveCycle Enterprise Suite platform supporting Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. With the partnership with Adobe, the software solutions offered by Cleverbee will make it possible for the users to create, combine and administer corporate documents reliably, to facilitate and enhance the security of the sharing of company information and to make the cooperation and data collection more efficient. In addition, the users will be able to create various types of electronic forms with the software and distribute them by email or publish them on the Internet. They will also be able to define who is allowed to change the document and who is only allowed to view it or print it by assigning the necessary rights to each document. Every document can also be signed digitally so that it may be verified if it comes from a reliable source.

Source: Cleverbee

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