Cloud Platform Comparison: CloudStack, Eucalyptus, vCloud Director, and Openstack

Cloud Platform Comparison: CloudStack, Eucalyptus, vCloud Director, and Openstack

We decided to conduct an unbiased vendor-independent research to analyze the most popular cloud platforms: CloudStack, Eucalyptus, vCloud Director, and Openstack. The investigation covers such aspects as the price for every product, the functions available in free and commercial versions, platforms usability, community, and documentation completeness. Altoros’s engineers provide information on possible errors that might occur during the installation and give information on how to fix them. This research aims to help enterprises to compare their business requirements with the capabilities of a particular platform and finally select a best-fit product.

Cloud computing systems continue to be one of the hottest topics discussed by IT people in every company. We cannot exaggerate the advantages of the “clouds” that enable their users to get a scalable, high performance infrastructure, secured data, user-friendly infrastructure management, and significant cost reduction that enhance the company’s operation and workflow.

The first objective when moving business to the cloud is to build cloud infrastructure and select its type: private or hybrid. Apart from choosing the type of a cloud, one should decide what cloud platform would better fit the company’s requirements, which is a rather complicated task for non-professionals. More often, the company has to rely on the information provided by vendors, which very often contains hyped facts to promote the software. Marketing descriptions may partially or fully diverge from the real features implemented in the platform because of the rapidly changing requirements.

Even for IT specialists it may be complicated to understand what stands behind persuasive promises, asterisks, and footnotes, not to mention people without proper technical background. It should be also mentioned that cloud computing is still a new trend and developers are still challenged by ambiguous terms, newly-appeared tools and technologies, and the lack of specification on some infrastructure aspects.

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