Coherent at forefront of healthcare software development

Coherent at forefront of healthcare software development

Obamacare, HIPPA, stem cell therapy, cloning . . . the innovations in healthcare just keep coming. Driving so much change in this industry is technology, and Coherent Solutions is out front as a reliable resource for businesses seeking a partner for their medical software development.

Among the drivers for outsourcing healthcare software development are time-to-market and cost. Companies today need commercial grade software quickly and within a budget to compete with players – large and established, as well as small, agile start-ups – in a globalized market place. Coherent has been helping medical industry innovators do that for years.

Read about our recent success with newcomer Wildflower Health. By developing a free, direct-to-consumer mobile app in just ten weeks, Coherent Solutions helped this start-up prove their concept and secure funding to go after enterprise clients.

We have other healthcare industry stories to tell as well. As an early software development partner with Evolution1, we helped that company manage rapid growth and move beyond start-up status to become a purveyor of healthcare benefits administration tools worthy of acquisition.

Coherent has also worked with established medical device companies. We proved ourselves to longtime client Starkey Labs years ago when they tested us as an overseas resource.

Starkey continues to use Coherent for a wide variety of needs, from quality assurance to work on some of their vital audiology tools.

And Starkey led us across the ocean to Denmark-based HIMSA (Hearing Instrument Manufacturing Software Association). HIMSA is dedicated to creating and supporting one standard for integrated hearing care software. Coherent helped to automate the enormous amount of regression testing they do with every new release.

Coherent Solutions stands ready to offer our medical software development expertise to the next bright innovator of life-changing medical technology.


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