Coherent serves as the tech engine that allows software start-ups to compete

Coherent serves as the tech engine that allows software start-ups to compete

Our story at Coherent Solutions is firmly tied to our clients’ stories. Our accomplishments and successes follow theirs. Some of our proudest stories involve helping smart entrepreneurs with innovative software ideas to compete on a global scale with limited resources.

By partnering with Coherent, these emerging businesses have been able to build market-changing commercial grade software while limiting the overhead and risk that come with hiring their own highly skilled workforce. And as these start-ups grow and evolve, Coherent has scaled up and down with them, providing the right specialists and resources when needed.

Read below about these smart start-ups in our success stories

The start-up savvy founders of Wildflower Health used their initial funding with Coherent to build a free, direct-to-consumer app that proved their pregnancy-monitoring concept and laid the groundwork for further funding and growth.

Early engagement with Coherent to help build hosted, SaaS healthcare products helped Evolution1 become the nation’s largest administrator of healthcare reimbursement accounts. The relationship with Coherent was vital to the company as it grew and was purchased.

Having lit on the idea for a web platform to handle small transactions (as little as 5 cents), Jingit started by offering people a way to earn cash by watching web ads. With Coherent’s help, they created a web-based transaction platform. Since then the company has added in-store couponing and earnings apps.

Jumping into the sharing economy, the founders of LiquidSpace tapped Coherent Solutions to help them build a fluid, web-based system for linking people in need of temporary work space with building owners looking to rent their conference rooms and work areas.

At Coherent, we have been energized by the spirit of innovation and camaraderie that comes with helping our clients build their dreams. Not that it happens without trial and tribulation. But nothing worth having is easy, and it is our honor to serve as the technical engine for so many fun, important and game-changing Davids as they venture forth to challenge the Goliaths of the world.


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