Collaboration with SES, Germany, Mr. Cristoph Horstmann’s visit at CS

We were very glad to have among us Mr. Fritz Cristoph Horstmann, Senior Expert in Marketing from the SES Organization from Germany, who had been at Codespring between 8-26 March 2010.

Senior Experten Services – SES – it’s an organization financed by the German government, with 7700 experts from different domains which gives consulting assistance for company development activities from different domains, like: marketing, finance, management, human resources management, so.

Mr. Horstmann was present very actively at our company’s life for a period of three weeks, he became one of us and we are very thankful for him because he putted a mirror in front of us as a company, and also as persons too.

He came at us with an experience level of many years spent in major, well-known companies, as a consultant having a real background in marketing, and also in the IT domain.

The base for our collaboration was to emphasize the impact of our professional marketing structure, also the assimilation process of efficient marketing methods, which already puts Codespring in the line of other successful IT companies and to strengthen our company values.

We would like to thank him for the successful collaboration, especially for the practical part, and we are very trustful that the further positive outcomes will show soon.

Source: Codespring

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