Collision Conference 2019 Featuring SpamHound by Redwerk

Collision Conference 2019 Featuring SpamHound by Redwerk

SpamHound is flying to Collision Conference in Toronto

The fastest growing American conference moved to Toronto, Canada, and Redwerk is going to check the newest tech cradle. The special mixology of tech execs and developers, world-known athletes and Hollywood celebrities, investors and profound startups have made Collision such a popular calendar addition, that 25 000 tickets were reported sold out a month before the event.

SpamHound Redwerk

Walking the spam-blocking dog

SpamHound is an iOS & Android app that allows you to get rid of all the nasty spam in your SMS inbox. Using easy and highly adjustable filters, like the ones in your e-mail, you can sift unwanted messages with high precision, so that only the most important messages will get to you. The application is simple enough for both a kid and a parent.

Though, company aren’t only showcasing SpamHound at Collision this year.

Source: Redwerk

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