Columbus IT earns ‘Discrete Manufacturing’ certification from Microsoft and AMR Research

Columbus IT are proud to announce, that Columbus IT has earned the AMR industry certification in ‘Discrete Manufacturing’, which is the ultimate recognition from Microsoft of our industry competence.

This certificate is the result of Columbus IT’s deep industry knowledge and many satisfied customers in the discrete manufacturing industry.

This certification program, ‘AMR Research Partner Industry Certification System’ is a new way to allow Microsoft’s partners to demonstrate their industry-specific expertise. The goal of the program is to allow end customer organizations across multiple industries insight into the industry-specific capabilities of the Microsoft partners.

The program is based on objective, research-based findings, and it allows customers to easily find those partners who are proficient within their specific industry.

For many years, Microsoft has put a number of technical certification programs in place, so that partners can become certified based on their ability to scope, implement and support various Microsoft Dynamics Solutions. This new program adds an additional layer of certification, and is solely focused on a VAR’s ability to meet the customer needs of a specific industry.

For this new program, Microsoft has turned to AMR Research, a leading research and advisory firm. AMR Research specializes in the intersection of business process and information technology. Incorporated in 1986, AMR Research has a deep history in understanding the unique needs of specific industries, and has developed a robust capability in industry-specific research and analysis. Given this history, AMR Research was a natural partner for Microsoft in its stated goal of helping customers find industry-proficient VARs.

AMR Research is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gartner, Inc.

Source: Columbus IT

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