Columbus IT has secured a major new win with the leading Agri-Nutrition provider, Origin Enterprises plc.

Origin has chosen to invest in Columbus IT’s industry solution based on a Microsoft Dynamics AX business platform that offers competitive advantages in a changing economy and rapidly growing market.

In the coming months Columbus IT will supply and implement a comprehensive ERP solution to Origin, one of the leading suppliers of integrated agronomy services, crop nutrition and feed ingredients, to the UK, Polish and Irish agricultural sectors.

“Origin’s new solution is an important step towards achieving our goal of becoming the preferred IT supplier in this sector. The solution will be supplied and implemented by Columbus IT’s UK & Ireland division, which was named the best performing AX partner and Columbus country by Microsoft in 2009. The agreement with Origin cements the UK’s position as top performer in the group,” says group managing director Claus E. Hansen, Columbus IT.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the IT solution includes project management, consultancy and software licences. The agreement, which provides Origin with a total IT solution adapted to the agronomy, fertiliser and feed ingredient industries, incorporates significant advantages that will help Origin achieve its strategic objectives over the coming years.

Customers want to be challenged

The new IT solution helps to ensure Origin’s ambitious growth strategy. Experience, credibility and process understanding were crucial when Origin’s management were faced with the task of selecting a new IT supplier.

“It was the quality of the IT systems coupled with Columbus IT’s in-depth expertise in process oriented manufacturing that tipped the scales in their favour. The match between Origin’s growth ambitions and Columbus IT’s working methods differentiates the group from other suppliers in the Dynamics market. Columbus IT helps us to migrate several different systems into one Microsoft-based platform where all the elements are in tune,” says CIO Derek Wilson, Origin, who adds:

“We were looking for a simple platform that delivers real benefits and enables us to grow. We chose Columbus IT because we knew they could deliver a solution tailored to our business model and one which would enable us to continue to develop the quality and breadth of our services to our customers.”

For Columbus, the significant demand for vertical solutions together with several strategically important recent wins across the globe is a cause for optimism, which is why the company is now intensifying its collaboration with Microsoft.

“Our collaboration with Microsoft is crucial to our global business strategy and we are therefore targeting our efforts to improve the partnership. With the support of Microsoft and our ongoing development of sector-specific solutions we are able to drive sales and move towards achieving our established goal of dominating our key focus industries, namely retail and project- and process-oriented manufacturing companies in the agri/food sector,” says Corporate SVP Sales Henrik P. Salicath, Columbus IT.

Origin’s new solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and includes process optimisation of production and distribution. The system will be implemented in the course of 2010 and will be deployed to all businesses by 2012.

“We are confident that Columbus working alongside our own staff will ensure the implementation of a critical business application The new solution enables us to improve what we do and how we do it thus generating value for all our stakeholders, including our people, our customers and our partners,” says CIO Derek Wilson, Origin.

Source: Columbus IT

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