Comarch – Certified OpenPEPPOL Access Point

Comarch – Certified OpenPEPPOL Access Point

According to the new 2014/55/EU directive that will take effect on April 18th 2019, all European Public Administration entities will be obliged to process e-invoicing documents from their suppliers. In response to these changes, many countries are now implementing new e-invoicing practices.

Comarch is both a member of the OpenPEPPOL organization and a certified OpenPEPPOL Access Point. As a global provider of advanced IT systems and services for business automation, it enables a fast and reliable exchange of electronic documents with public all administration entities that operate within the PEPPOL network. Comarch also guarantees that its systems are fully compliant with the legal requirements of individual countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine or Turkey that have already implemented their local e-invoicing regulations.

Comarch Certified OpenPEPPOL


PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is a European non-profit organization which main aim is to enable European businesses to easily communicate electronically with any European public sector buyers in their procurement processes. PEPPOL manages the network of electronic document exchange services in the B2G and B2B models. The company can use this network to send and receive e-invoices as soon as it chooses one of the certified OpenPEPPOL Access Points.

The PEPPOL network is not an e-Procurement platform. It provides a set of technical specifications that can be implemented in the existing e-Procurement solutions and business exchange services in order to make them interoperable.

What are the Access Points?

OpenPEPPOL Access Points are E-Invoicing solution providers whose systems and services are fully compliant with the PEPPOL specifications. Such a provider can connect its clients
to the PEPPOL network and enable a quick exchange of e-invoices with the other users of this network.

Source: Comarch

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