Comarch Internet Banking Development in Raiffeisen Bank Poland

Under the agreement signed in 2010, Comarch has introduced new functionalities to the Comarch Internet Banking platform designed for Raiffeisen Bank Poland’s corporate clients. Companies which use the solution can make deposits, order bank guarantees, issue applications for opening letters of credit or send mass direct debits.

‘We are constantly expanding the Comarch Internet Banking platform to provide Raiffeisen Bank Poland’s customers with the most comprehensive account management. In addition to standard functionalities such as direct access to deposit products, special emphasis has been put on the functionality of trade financing. Management of guarantees and letters of credit, their browsing, the ability to manage lists of beneficiaries as well as the mass direct debit module for mass transfers, are just some of the new features,’ says Anna Wierzchucka, Business Development Manager, Comarch SA.

‘We do our best to ensure that our corporate customers have a better experience and increasing opportunities in our banking system. Simultaneously, we care for the highest level of security. The Internet banking system is our flagship channel and we want to meet our customers’ expectations. Recently provided functionalities of the Internet banking platform allow our customers to manage their organizations more effectively. The opportunity to invest sources in universal and specialized products is a definite advantage of our solution. In addition, a number of functions for trade financing make our platform friendly for all entrepreneurs,’ underlines Mariusz Glinski, Director of the Electronic Banking Department, Raiffeisen Bank Poland.

Raiffeisen Bank Poland also launched the solution to support trade finance products in 2010. Now, customers can order bank guarantees, open letters of credit and manage these products in the system, without visiting the branch office. Moreover, the bank offers yet another component of receivables inflow management, i.e. mass direct debit, which is already the last element to be implemented in the mass payment module. The above mentioned features have met with resounding success.

Source: Comarch
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