Comarch Receives Award for its Web 2.0 Solution

Comarch receives the Award for Innovation at “Innovationspreis 2008″ for its product, Virtual Consulting Services (VCS). VCS provides a technological platform for the web based collaboration of end users. In all, 1600 products were submitted for “Innovationspreis 2008″, which awards products in 33 categories.

The “Innovationspreis” of the “Initiative Mittelstand” (initiative for SME) is awarded annually to solutions which provide, in particular, small and medium sized companies with new possibilities of applications.

VCS was one of 10 products in the Web 2.0 category which particularly excelled in utility, innovativeness, and suitability for small and medium sized companies. In a joint session, VCS users will see the same content, mouse movements and keyboard entries in their respective browsers as their fellow users. In this way, they virtually navigate together, simultaneously on one website. With VCS, the ideal of synchronous co browsing becomes a reality. Comarch’s solution closes the gap between real life social networks and those of the online world. It offers application possibilities in the fields of e-commerce, e-consulting, e-learning, and e-government.

- The VCS application may be used with heterogeneous terminals (PC, mobile, PDA, etc.) and is configured through a customizable client interface. Additional software or plug-ins need not be installed – says Anna Filipiak, President of Comarch Software AG.

This already marks the second time Comarch has been the recipient of an award. In 2007, OCEAN GenRap, a solution for visualizing database analyses, won an award in the Reporting category. This product is now routinely integrated into Comarch Altum, a new ERP system introduced this year at CeBIT.

Comarch is a leading Central European IT business solutions provider. We specialize in forging relationships with clients that maximize their profitability and optimize their operations and business processes. Our primary advantage lies in the huge domain of knowledge accumulated in our software products. These products deliver and integrate sophisticated business IT solutions for businesses in the telecommunications, financial services, public, large enterprise and SME sectors. Comarch specializes in billing and network management, CRM and sales support, ERP and EDI – all of which are supported by a full range of professional services and a strong R&D tradition. Since its inception 14 years ago, Comarch has blossomed into a multinational network of offices employing over 2500 highly-experienced IT specialists in EMEA and the Americas. Comarch clients include global business leaders as well as over 40,000 SMEs in Poland.

Source: Сomarch

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