Comarch Technologies unveils two SmartTokens

Comarch Technologies unveils two SmartTokens

Comarch Technologies has brought to light Comarch SmartToken ECC (electronic signature device) and Comarch SmartToken OTP (one-time password generator) that offer highly advanced methods for user authentication and authorization.

Both tokens are equipped with an authorization button, which must be physically pressed by a user to generate a digital signature or unique password. With this kind of authorization based on a “real human interaction’, a risk of automated cyber attack is being minimized.

Comarch SmartToken ECC delivers high security level along with short cryptographic keys based on Elliptic Curves Cryptography (ECC). The ECC is the best solution for the secure transaction signing recommended even by NSA. Moreover, the time required for ECC process is much shorter than in RSA cryptography.

Comarch SmartToken OTP solution is based on HMAC-Based One-Time Password (HOTP) algorithm which generates a unique password for each digital access to the online transaction system. The One-Time Password method is the most popular yet efficient form of the two-factor authentication used to secure network from unauthorized access.

Source: Comarch

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