Webinar: Common Causes of a Failed Outsourcing Relationship. 24 June

Start: June 24, 2010
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Current research provides clarity into root causes – why some clients fail at their outsourcing relationships while their industry peers succeed.

Companies continue to pursue outsourcing relationships for strategic advantage; following a well-worn path that can lead to lower costs, access to critical skills, and strategic focus on growth. To succeed, clients must continuously evolve, improve, and innovate to develop stronger, longer-term, and more trusting relationships with their service providers.

Why then, considering the maturity of outsourcing practices, are so many clients failing?

Join thought leaders Dr. Jane Siegel, of ITSQC LLC, Paul Cervelloni, Consulting Director at Alsbridge, Inc, and Frank Casale, Founder & CEO of The Outsourcing Institute (OI), for an insightful and lively discussion on how your firm can avoid (or eliminate) the causes of client outsourcing failure.

Participants in this eSeminar will:

  • Learn about current research results that identify why clients fail at outsourcing relationships
  • Identify specific risk mitigation tactics that can help your organization avoid, or recover success from, a failed outsourcing relationship
  • Discuss specific challenges associated with emerging technologies, such as Cloud Computing; and how quantitative methods may help you manage expectations and costs
  • Outline which ‘client best practices’ need to be adopted or implemented to assure succes

Who Should Attend:

CIOs, CFOs, Sourcing Executives, and IT and Business Services Professionals


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