Companies seeking to speed up their recovery after the recession should consider IT outsourcing, an expert has said

Gagan Goraya, of, said in the wake of the economic downturn many companies are adopting a more prudent approach to their IT management, with outsourcing becoming increasingly attractive.

“Companies coming out of recession have two main objectives; reduce IT support costs, and invest in IT technology to create efficiencies. At times like this IT outsourcing has become a key business strategy irrespective of organisation size and IT budget,” he said.

Mr Goraya said companies who chose to outsource could derive a number of benefits from the move.

Software development and application support are just two such benefits, while infrastructure management was also described as an “invaluable service”.

According to Dave Hart, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Presidio, firms who outsource are able to focus more energy on their core business.

Source: ihotdesk

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