Computools LLC & CMS Games LLC Consolidation

Computools LLC & CMS Games LLC Consolidation

A short time ago, companies Computools LLC & CMS Games LLC have consolidated to successfully collaborate and carry out joint projects according to partnership plan. Both companies are confident that such cooperation will lead to growth and development and expanding the range of provided services.

Creative Mobile Studio Games LLC was founded in 2012 and started with the development of innovative entertainment applications. The main financing of the company was carried out through the monetization of developed games and applications. However, since 2016, the company has been providing outsourcing services for the development of games and applications.

Using the latest technology, the company develops cross-platform Desktop, Mobile, AR, VR, WebGL games. Besides, the company offers other products that solve the main customers’ issues. Services include the development of interactive native or hybrid mobile applications, web development, UX/UI Design, 3D design and animation.

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Using a creative approach, a team of company’s professionals is able to solve problems of any complexity. The finished product always meets the world standards of high quality, despite the complexity and labour-intensity of the process. Over the years, the CMS Games LLC portfolio has replenished with many original projects, which popularity continues to grow.

Usually, business consolidation is applied to improve operational efficiency by reducing redundant personnel and processes. Computools LLC & CMS Games LLC decided to unite their teams to provide more reliable options and services to the customers. Both companies also plan to increase the efficiency of employees by providing them with more complex tasks and projects. Such cooperation can provide the necessary impetus for the further growth and development of new markets.

To achieve the joint goals that were established during the negotiations, the companies signed a cooperation agreement that has already come into operation. Corporate consolidation as a long-term initiative also leads to cost savings and a concentration of market share. Moreover, it is a bilateral beneficial transfer of knowledge, experience, and skills for all employees. But most of all the benefits this consolidation brought to the companies’ consumers. Since now they have the opportunity to realize their ideas and projects, using new services and options.

Computools always strives to completely satisfy customers’ needs. To do this, the company increases the level of employees’ expertise in various fields and opens new ones. Consolidation with the CMS Games LLC is one of the ways of growth and development, which is only one step in the Computools’ development plan.

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