Comtrade and Vidder announces strategic partnership to introduce best-in-class nerwork sercurity to automotive industry

Comtrade and Vidder announces strategic partnership to introduce best-in-class nerwork sercurity to automotive industry

The companies unveiled a joint initiative to protect connected cars at the 2015 World Mobility Summit in Munich.

Comtrade’s Automotive Division, the leading provider of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), and Vidder Inc., the inventor of precision application access and a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Cool Vendors in Cloud Security Services, 2015 1, announced a collaborative effort to protect connected cars by providing best-in-class network security to the automotive industry.

The joint initiative takes mobile security to the next level, by combining Comtrade’s Mobility-as-a-Service solutions built on its expertise in software platforms, automotive protocols and backend technology, with Vidder’s PrecisionAccess, the industry-first secure connectivity solution that “shrinks” the perimeter to create a new layer of defense around individual applications and services.

As cars get progressively connected to the Internet, their attack surface expands exponentially. Yet, automobile OEMs are increasingly relying on this connectivity to offer critical services to car users, including Telematics Data Acquisition, Remote Command & Control, Over-The-Air Updates and Third-Party Application Access, among others.

Vidder’s groundbreaking technology gives auto OEMs complete control over who can connect to their services, regardless of location of the authorized automobiles and protected OEM services. Data in transit—occurring between the automobile and protected services typically residing in the cloud—is also protected.

Together with intelligent traffic management and built-in geo-fencing, Vidder’s secure connectivity technology serves as a unique differentiator for auto OEMs in the connected car world. Vidder’s secure connectivity solution complements Comtrade’s long-standing expertise in security solution implementations, including the auto OEM’s connected car services based on robust threat models.

“Connectivity brings the convenience of the Internet and a wireless local area network (LAN) to drivers and passengers, but the multiple interfaces of a connected car can easily turn into a hackers’ paradise,”

said Marko Javornik, VP/GM at Comtrade Automotive.

“Recent successes in car hacking have led to massive automobile recalls. The threat is real, the breach is immediate, and dealing with the aftermath of the attack is costly.”

The Comtrade-Vidder initiative focuses on minimizing the downstream impact of car hacking. While small-scale hacking can be a nuisance, hijacking the car, by taking control of steering or braking, could lead to a life-and-death situation.

This collaboration strengthens auto OEMs’ service access control and subsequently passenger safety by incorporating Vidder’s technology to protect a range of critical OEM services. PrecisionAccess defeats Denial-of-Service attacks, remote control spoofing, telemetry data hijacking, server vulnerability exploitation, and a long list of powerful cyberattack techniques.

“Today, Vidder PrecisionAccess is being used by global enterprises to protect cloud and premise-based applications,”

said Anurag Dave, Director of Automotive & IoT Business Development at Vidder.

“Through multiple global hackathons, Vidder PrecisionAccess has successfully defeated more than 5 billion attempted attacks. This is the solution we are bringing to the auto industry to protect connected cars and their passengers.”

“Comtrade is pleased to partner with Vidder, bringing the best-in-class network security from enterprise IT to automotive services,”

Javornik added.

About Comtrade

Comtrade is the largest software development and IT solutions company in the Adriatic region. Among other business activities, Comtrade conducts research and development for advanced transportation solutions.

Comtrade recognizes that technology can profoundly change the way we deal with transportation, especially in cities. We can create a significantly improved commuter experience at a lower cost and with a tremendous benefit for the environment.

Together with its partners, Comtrade is working on an advanced set of solutions that can improve the use of privately owned cars in cities and upgrade urban transportation with a set of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, including public transportation, car sharing, ride sharing and shuttle services.

About Vidder

Vidder PrecisionAccess — the company’s flagship secure connectivity solution—is currently deployed by leading Fortune 500 companies to protect their enterprise cloud and premise-based services from network based attacks.

Named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Cool Vendors in Cloud Security Services, 2015, Vidder has extended PrecisionAccess to protect connected cars. This solution is designed with the mission to secure auto OEM services via an individual virtual perimeter, hiding each back-end service from the attackers on the Internet to prevent any access to those services. Only strongly authenticated automobiles have access to these services.

Vidder PrecisionAccess prevents Denial-of-Service attacks, remote control spoofing, telemetry data hijacking, server vulnerability exploitation and, a long list of other powerful cyber attacker techniques. The company’s headquarters are in Campbell, California, USA.

Source: Comtrade

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