f(by) — Conference on Functional Programming

f(by) — Conference on Functional Programming
Start: November 28, 2015
Address: Space, 16A Kastrychnitskaya Street, Minsk, Belarus
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F(by) is the first functional programming conference in Belarus.

This year, one track is dedicated to Scala: EPFL developers will introduce relevant updates of Scala and scala.meta. Besides, speakers will present the Dotty compiler and one of the experimental modules of Akka.

The second track focuses on functional languages with emphasis on Haskell: you’ll discover the language’s capabilities and find out when it’s preferable for production.

Spock framework founder will give the details of back-end programming in Haskell and his report is enhanced by the speech of a PureScript developer and contributor regarding a front-end part. Live-coding session will master the knowledge! We will not forget about microservices in Haskell as well.

Everyone is welcome to discuss the newest trends afterwards. The feature of F(by) is a debate section. We offer taking part in controlled ‘holy wars’ for the most eager functional programming adepts.

We will present you PureScript vs ClojureScript, Servant vs Spock, EMACS vs VIM debates.

Your own participation can get into the line-up of the conference as well.



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