Contests for High School and Computer Science Students – by Roweb and UPIT

Contests for High School and Computer Science Students – by Roweb and UPIT

We’re proud to sponsor two events in partnership with the University of Pitesti: a Web Applications Contest & Workshop for Computer Science students and a Programming Contest for high school students in Pitesti!

Both events will take place this Saturday, May 27th, at the University, and they’re meant to engage talented youth in the local community and reward their skills and passion for programming.

Programming Day for High School

This event is also a way to encourage high school students to consider enrolling in one of the Computer Science study programs at the University, after they graduate school. They’ll have a chance to demonstrate their potential and to get to know some of the professors at UPIT, ask questions about admission and find out what it would be like to study there and pursue a career in programming.

The high school students will be grouped in 3 sections: 9th grade, 10th grade and 11th + 12th grade combined. They’ll be applying concepts included in the school curriculum, using algorithmic reasoning and a basic programming language (Pascal/C/C++), in a Code::Blocks environment.

A second part of the event for them will be Lego Minstorm ev3 programming contest, where they’ll work in teams of 2-3 students. Each team will build their own robot using several Lego sets: Basic, LME, EV3 and the Expansion Set. Then they’ll use the Minstorm Evolution 3 application to program their robot to go through an obstacle track. Each stage of the track will be timed and scored and the highest total score will win. In case of a tie, the robots’ speed will set the score.

Web Applications Contest & Workshop for University Students

The web development contest & workshop are addressed to graduate students from all years 1 to 3, as well as Master students and highly-skilled 12th grade high-schoolers.

The contest participants will be given a set of specifications for which they’ll have to build a web application using EasyPHP. A jury made up of professors and web developers at Roweb will determine the best web application and reward the winner with an award named after Prof. Dr. Luminita State, as a tribute for her great scientific accomplishments.

The workshop will focus on web client-server applications and will include presentations from academics and software professionals.

Source: Roweb

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