How to turn coursework in Programming into the successful startup?

How to turn coursework in Programming into the successful startup?

Almost all students studying at the university consider future employment prospects and try to earn money from the very first courses of study. Many of them dreams about their own project, visualize successful startup that would be paid off in the first year of its existence.

It is not so easy though and very often it is not enough just to have a good idea. Moreover, you need to create the right business strategy and understand how to monetize the project. All these points generate problems that erupt into the high barrier to making dreams come true.

Vlad Stepanov and Alexandra Anikina are still doing a Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Cybernetics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv but they already are the ideologists and leading project developers of Win Taxi – elite taxi service that is unique for Ukrainian market; Uber, similar service, enjoys incredible popularity in America and Europe nowadays.

A year ago, the students took part in the National competition of computer talents «Golden Byte» in which Sergei Khandogin, COO of Innovecs, was one of the jury members.  At the time, guys presented their online taxi project, which they originally developed as a course work at the university. After a while, they decided to show it at the competition.

«It’s been six months after the competition when we began to think seriously about the prospects of the project. We realized that at that time we had neither business knowledge nor experience of the foreign counterparts, and most importantly – we did not have a clear business idea – says Vlad. – Then we had a call with a proposal to have breakfast from Alex Lutskiy, Co-Founder and CEO of Innovecs. We discussed what had already been done, and shared our ideas and we were heard. ”

“I always believed in the incredible potential of Ukrainian developers. The fact that we are valuable at the global IT outsourcing market is not the limit.  Nowadays Ukraine is ready not only for the direct dialogue with Western customer but is quite mature to create its own successful products. Our company and me personally are ready to help young enterprising professionals develop their own projects to bring unique products to the Ukrainian market “, – says Alex Lutskiy.

After negotiations, Vlad and Alexandra were invited to become shareholders and ideologists of the unique project that is being developed within Innovecs. The service will be focused primarily on the corporate clients but any resident of Ukraine will also be able to order a cab. Ratings of the drivers, opportunity to choose the class of the car, the long-awaited visualization of the moving of the taxi on a map on its way to the customer  – all these features and much more will be available directly from the smartphone. The project is at the stage of development, and, thanks to the Win Taxi team, it will be possible to evaluate a new quality of taxi services in 2014 already.

«High-quality technology support and business vision of this product from our part, as well as Alexandra and Vlad correct ideology and belief in success, will make this service truly unique. We will propel the scope of taxi services in Ukraine to a new level and create a high quality service with great capabilities. – says Alex Lutskiy. – Win Taxi will be the very first laid brick in the foundation of a new direction – Innovecs Incubator».

Source: Inovecs
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