Webinar “Creating a social network using Python”

Webinar “Creating a social network using Python”
Start: September 20, 2018
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To create a social network, we will use the aiohttp web framework. To store the data we will use the MongoDB database (NoSQL database). To connect to the database – PyMong o (library), for queries to the database – Motor (library).

The plan of the webinar:

1. Create a user’s model. Create a class for working with user data – name, nickname, mail, avatar, etc.
2. Registration. Data validation and user creation.
3. Login. For login and work with session we will use aiohttp-session.
4. User’s Avatar. The user will be able to add his avatar, for this we will use the functions of the ayohttp framework for working with files.
5. Post on your page. Creating a model of fasting, saving the post.
6. Adding a friend. Search and add friends to your friends.
7. Personal communication to a friend. Sending a private message to the user.

The target audience:

This webinar will be of interest to those who already know Python and want to develop in web development.

Registration is required for participation in the webinar. On the email that you indicate in the registration form, an invitation letter with a link to the broadcast will be sent on September 20.

Language: Russian



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