CROC Is a Leader in the Russian IAAS Market

CROC Is a Leader in the Russian IAAS Market

According to Russian IaaS market research by international consulting firm J’son & Partners Consulting, CROC is a leader in cloud IaaS solutions in Russia. J’son & Partners Consulting reports that the market was worth RUB 380 million in 2011 and is expected to grow rapidly over the next several years.

CROC offers the Virtual Data Center, a set of virtual computing resources available via both the Internet and through dedicated links to its customers, which allows customers to manage resources via a self-service portal and fully control all IT services in the cloud without dependence on the service provider. CROC provides virtual servers, data storage systems with storage hierarchy, networks and network services, and Internet access with a configurable firewall as part of the IaaS service. In addition, any customer can use a unique demo cloud service. Via the demo service, companies can quickly learn how IT services will operate in the cloud. Today, approximately one hundred companies are testing the cloud and this number continues to grow. After this testing phase, many customers decide to ‘go cloud’.

“CROC is the first IT company to offer cloud services based on its own Virtual Data Center, which complies with Tier III requirements. In addition, all cloud services are duplicated, some multiple times. This allows for the management and control, even in the case of hardware failure. Round-the-clock monitoring, reservation of communication channels from multiple operators and best enterprise solutions (for instance in supercomputers)—these factors are the basis of CROC’s high-quality cloud services,” says Ruslan Zaedinov, Deputy Director General, Head of Data Centers, CROC. “We already have success stories of migration into our cloud. For example, DHL Express deployed its IT systems within our Virtual Data Center for operations with its clients. Now, if DHL Express has new urgent projects, the company can request computing resources via a self-service portal without IT specialist assistance.”

“By the end of 2011, Russian commercial data centers occupied a total effective area of 60,980 sq m—a more than 60% increase from the 37,500 sq m recorded at the end of 2010. Our forecasts show that over the next four years the IaaS market will grow at average annual rate of approximately 150-250% and that the total market will come close to RUB 3 billion,” says Vladimir Karpenko, Head of Infocommunication Technology and Services Department, J’son & Partners Consulting. “It’s no wonder CROC, the pioneer in the Russian cloud market, has become a leader in 2011.”

Source: CROC
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