Cross Border Projects – a leading provider of Ukrainian IT outsourcing services for the German-speaking countries – has become a sponsor of the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ‘2007

Cross Border Projects (CBP) – a leading provider of Ukrainian IT outsourcing services for the German-speaking countries – has become a sponsor of the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ‘2007. Such was the statement of Christian Berner, the founder and director of Cross Border Projects.

According to Christian Berner, recently there has been seen a steep growth of interest of the German-speaking European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, to the Ukrainian software development companies. This interest is far from being accidental because Ukraine possesses a number of cultural, geographical and economic advantages over traditional IT outsourcing countries (India, Russia, China). Participation of German-speaking countries in the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ‘2007 would be a great opportunity to start business development in Ukraine.

The Forum is aimed at development of software and IT outsourcing services market in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe overall. The Forum will provide a floor for discussion of global trends in IT markets development and current issues of IT outsourcing industry. Within the Forum there will be held a show where the leading Eastern European companies will present their expositions. At the «Ukrainian IT Matchmaking Event ’2007» the participants will have an opportunity to hold business meeting and negotiations.

It is expected that more than 200 companies will participate in the Forum. Among the Forum participants there will be the leading experts in IT outsourcing, representatives of European and American IT companies, investment professionals and representatives of the Ukrainian state authorities.

The Forum organizers are Ukrainian Hi-tech Initiative ( – an alliance of the leading Ukrainian companies providing IT outsourcing services and BPO services to the foreign clients, and “PR KVADRAT” – an organizer of the large-scale and specialized PR and BTL events.

Christian Berner said: “We participate in the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum for the second year in a row. This Forum is a very good place for work with the companies interested in Ukraine as in the IT outsourcing country. Based on the results of the previous year participation in Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum we took a decision to sponsor the even this year and present our experience and capabilities in IT outsourcing better”.

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