DACH Market Targeted by Comarch Enterprise Cloud

DACH Market Targeted by Comarch Enterprise Cloud

The Comarch Enterprise Cloud platform is growing more and more dynamically, and it is taking bold steps on the international market. The DACH market is one important area for the development of Comarch business.

The continuous development of IT services requires constant business transformations. Customers already expect integrated IT services in a cloud model, which is why Comarch offer comprehensive services in Comarch IT infrastructure located in its data centers, via its applications and a dedicated IaaS platform.

Germany is currently the largest IT market in Europe, which explains Comarch natural interest in clients from this region. Comarch has a modern data center in Dresden, where its clients’ IT systems have been hosted and managed for many years. The launch of a data center in the DACH region was a milestone in the implementation of the dynamic growth strategy in managed and cloud services. Comarch plans further investments in ICT services development. Later this year the company plans to implement systems connected to the global Comarch Cloud instance at the Dresden DC, which will ensure geo-redundancy, and significantly increase platform security and local data storage. The launch of another geographic region will allow Comarch to expand its ICT offer and provide existing and future clients (from Germany and other Western European countries) with comprehensive Comarch solutions including dedicated IT systems with the necessary cloud infrastructure.

The German market for cloud services, especially infrastructure in the cloud model, is very mature. The biggest international (AWS, Microsoft Azure) and German (Deutsche Telekom) companies have been promoting their solutions for several years there. Despite the rich offer and availability of cloud solutions, both public institutions and private enterprises still state in surveys that their digitization and migration to the cloud is in the initial stage, and that in the upcoming years they are planning more investments in this field. Despite the tough competition, it is a great opportunity for Comarch. We have many advantages that are still successfully attracting customers. For example, we are much more flexible in customizing services and products to individual needs. Thus, we can compete with large corporations that are generally unable to modify their products and are not ready to introduce any changes to individual clients – says Bartłomiej Kluska, DACH area ICT Consultant.

Comarch has been operating in Germany for almost 20 years. We started on the telecommunications market, but in recent years, ICT has become one of the main areas of our activity, not only by launching the Data Center in Dresden, but also by acquiring large clients such as Valeo and ESO. Personally, I see another market area that we can cover with our cloud platform and managed services. For sure, it will take some time before customers start massive migration to the cloud, because such projects are really complex. In a few years, most organizations will use applications from various cloud types. Comarch’s investment in its own cloud platform in Germany definitely allows us to strengthen our position on the market and offer our customers a more comprehensive portfolio of services – adds Łukasz Wąsek, Country Manager DACH.


How does Comarch support business? Rigorous data resident requirements, a wide range of managed services, high availability, disaster recovery and backup services are just a few of the advantages of the Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform (CECP) that will soon be available to its clients from the DACH region. The platform contains a wide range of tools to support the creation and delivery of applications based on micro-services. In addition, the CECP solution will allow customers to enjoy full benefits of the cloud, such as IT cost optimization, improved company performance and full control over existing IT resources with high reliability and security of corporate data. Implementation of existing projects has allowed Comarch to gain the experience necessary to work with large market players who expect high quality and flexibility of the solutions provided. That is why the company is following the cloud services market in the DACH region.

Source: Comarch


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