7 Reasons Why You Need Data Management Software in EHS

7 Reasons Why You Need Data Management Software in EHS

We have found some sad statistics:

  • 53% of companies conduct manual processes to get all the data in one view
  • 52% of companies spend too much time updating spreadsheets
  • 53% of companies have too much data left unanalyzed

Obviously, the only possible way to make these big figures smaller is to apply relevant EHS data management software. Just choose database driven enterprise software application, that can cover data of all kinds. It will definitely raise your EHS compliance. To know more about digital tools assuring your EHS compliance, read our case study on Emission Tracking System.

Hereafter are 7 apparent reasons, why you should consider Data Management Software in EHS.

Streamline your data collection

Record all possible environmental, security or health care incidents against defined criteria. Collect necessary information due to relevant regulations and stay flexible enough to respond to any emerging changes in regulations.

Boost accountability and analysis

Via your data management software, you will be able, not just to log different incidents, but to assign corrective actions, analyze underlying causes and even report on incident rates. So you will be completed with all necessary to manage cases to the full.

Improve reporting efficiency

Track and store all EHS data in one centralized system. You can include information in the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) log or in the sustainability report. You are able to strengthen your external communication due to adding all your OSHA compliance, EHS information and risk management activities to the integrated system.

Log information on the go

Use mobile applications for incident management and log incident reports on the move. With an ability to add new tasks and actions even offline, you will be able to respond instantly to the arising issues.

Go Beyond Compliance

Apply your software not just for EHS compliance purposes. Developed applications have vast functionality, allowing you to improve the whole business performance. You can track areas such as incident management and performance analysis, and thus move beyond compliance.

Get Comprehensive Business Tool

Use an opportunity to choose a software with a proven track record. Choose an application with user-friendly interface, customizable structure and any additional features necessary for you.

Improve Business Processes

Your EHS software can appear to be an effective business tool to support and improve existing business processes. The system can be easily integrated with other business automation tools, making the whole business process more efficient and simplified.  

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