DataArt Completes iPad Interface App for Family Ribbon

DataArt Completes iPad Interface App for Family Ribbon

DataArt today announced completion of technical applications and website design for Family Ribbon, which provides a user friendly interface that helps users stay connected to online communities and families. Family Ribbon is now available for download from the Family Ribbon website or the iTunes app store.

Family Ribbon’s intuitive design simply and securely connects seniors online, mitigating technology gaps and unifying generational users. The iPad application developed for Family Ribbon by DataArt fully integrates access to all online communication tools, offering a simple online albums viewer for Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. DataArt also built out the e-commerce and mobility features, such as enabling SMS execution. The application includes the highest levels of privacy and security to protect account information, ensuring fully encrypted sensitive data. The Family Ribbon website design was rolled out by DataArt’s development team to coincide with the application launch.

“Family Ribbon needed a trusted partner to help realize our vision of bringing a sophisticated online experience to those less tech savvy,” said Ivan Osadchiy, CEO of Family Ribbon. “DataArt’s extensive work in both the Android and iOS environments supports the future accessibility for Family Ribbon users. This is the first step towards uniting generations online, without alienating any individual, device or communication channel.”

In addition to illustrated step-by-step user guides, the app includes the following key features:

  • Family Facebook to engage with family and friends
  • Easy launch of Skype and Facetime video calls
  • Simple online albums viewer for Picasa, Flickr and Facebook
  • Video emails (or emails with integrated audio, photo, or drawing)
  • Ability to remotely manage application content
  • Email security features and remote administration tools
  • Intuitive browsing of websites and more

“Working to improve the online experience for any user is at the heart of all DataArt projects, and this engagement was particularly significant,” said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt. “Family Ribbon understands limitless online capabilities are meaningless unless users have a central, agile application to shepherd them through the process.”

Source: DataArt

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