DataArt Creates a Roster of Green Applications for ThinkEco to Remotely Monitor Power Consumption

DataArt Creates a Roster of Green Applications for ThinkEco to Remotely Monitor Power Consumption

DataArt announced that it has been selected by ThinkEco, Inc. as a dedicated technology partner for software development to support energy sustainability and the internet of things.

ThinkEco develops hardware and software energy-efficiency solutions for businesses and consumers. Its patent-pending modlet® (for “modern outlet”) features intelligent engineering and algorithms to provide a simple, low-cost and easy-to-use solution for saving money and energy on electronic appliances. Once plugged into a standard outlet, the ThinkEco modlet gives users remote control access to all their plugged-in devices through its built-in wireless connectivity, and offers an intuitive method to save money. More specifically, the modlet tracks power consumption of plugged-in devices, allows users to set custom energy-saving schedules for them, and tracks the users’ overall saving performance for users.

DataArt has been engaged by ThinkEco to develop parts of the ThinkEco modlet technology platform, including the modlet iPhone and Android apps, cloud infrastructure (web and DB servers), and client-side application software. Integrating into ThinkEco’s core product R&D, DataArt added scalability and expanded the mobile platform, enabling availability across a range of devices. The resulting ThinkEco modlet apps allow users to monitor power consumption at each plug, remotely turn plugged-in devices on/off, view custom energy-saving scheduling plans and provision real-time access to effectively track and adjust usage costs.

“We developed the modlet and our energy efficiency sensor technologies to make it easier for consumers, business, OEM’s, utilities and large enterprises to save energy and money from the electrical waste from plugged-in devices, and DataArt immediately got what we want to do,” said Jun Shimada, chief technology officer and a founder of ThinkEco. “We want to enable the internet of things as we expand our productive partnership with DataArt.”

“ThinkEco offers a convenient portal to maintaining an eco and budget friendly lifestyle,” said Artyom Astafurov, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer of DataArt. “DataArt development teams live on the greener side of the fence and our continued collaboration will support ThinkEco’s sustainability initiatives, empowering users to control their carbon footprint as well as their energy costs.”

Source: DataArt

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