Datagroup orders Information System from S&T Ukraine for EUR 1.5 million

An extensive Operations Support System (OSS) will be implemented for Datagroup, the leading telecommunications company in Ukraine. The total value of the contract is more than EUR 1.5 million.

S&T Ukraine was chosen by Datagroup to develop and implement a high-class information system. Datagroup is the leader of professional communications for businesses in Ukraine and one of the most rapidly growing companies in the country. It offers data transmission networks, communications tools as well as access to bank services. By updating its information system, the operator will achieve a broad spectrum of efficiencies and can rapidly and reliably drive operational, financial and administrative processes.

In 2008, the company started to leverage S&T solutions to redesign its IT system, including fault management. Datagroup provides services based on different technologies and effective fault management is the key element for maintaining high network availability.

“Datagroup and S&T Ukraine already had a successful cooperation, and we were satisfied with the results. We partner with a major European systems integrator and entrusted S&T with the development and implementation of the Operations Support System”, comments Alexander Danchenko, CEO of Datagroup.

Let the information flow

As part of the agreement the development of the corporate accounting system will unify all accounting processes. The sophisticated OSS will minimize the time required for the launch of new services and improve customer care. It supports all ordering, billing and reporting processes. Datagroup is also enhancing the level of customer satisfaction through optimized inquiry management as well as minimizing the time required for its handling.

“Datagroup decided for S&T Ukraine, because the project conditions are important to us as well as the professional skills of our partner. There are no language and time zone barriers. Our partner also carried out successful projects for large telecommunications companies in Ukraine, which was very important for S&T to win the project”, says Alexander Atamanenko, Datagroup Information Systems Unit Manager.

Source: S&T

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