De Novo has established an effective IT infrastructure for Amadeus – leading travel service provider

De Novo has established an effective IT infrastructure for Amadeus – leading travel service provider

De Novo – a company providing professional IT services – has successfully completed the project on IT infrastructure transformation for Amadeus Ukraine, an official representative of Amadeus – leading technology solutions provider and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry.

Project Objective

Amadeus Ukraine invests significant resources in company technical infrastructure maintenance in order to ensure further company development and provide best solutions for the travel and tourism industry. The leading technology partner of the tourism industry has faced the need to upgrade corporate IT infrastructure and has chosen De Novo to implement corresponding project. The modernization project implied the tasks on service performance improvement; support for new applications, and also other significant changes in functional and non-functional system components. The services provided by Amadeus Ukraine set strict technical requirements for high level of IT infrastructure failure resistant, system adaptability and scalability. In order to meet predefined requirements the company faced the need to upgrade its corporate system. Conducted market research has indicated that system modernization by means of existing resources is quite an expensive and difficult task.

Therefore Amadeus Ukraine representatives have made a decision to apply virtualization technologies instead of traditional infrastructure solutions. As the result the following project objectives has been set:

  • Develop a flexible IT infrastructure that would meet the business needs;
  • Ensure continuity of critical IT services;
  • Reduce the costs on IT infrastructure.

Corresponding approach has assured project successful implementation due to De Novo corporate methodology applied.

Effective Solution

The approach of IT resources virtualization ensures significantly improvement of system performance. In order to resolve project tasks De Novo specialists has suggested applying VMware virtualization solution, provided by the leading company in virtualization industry. Amadeus Ukraine being an innovative company has approved the idea of developing a completely new and more effective IT infrastructure.

The proposed approach had significantly reduced hardware and software system costs and also enabled to reduce the number of physical servers used. The implementation of virtualisation solution will fix the legacy system defects and provide wide perspectives for system development. The newly installed hardware system will enable Amadeus Ukraine to increase its IT infrastructure performance on-demand, almost with no system limitations. Another advantage is that all infrastructure system changes can be performed by internal system maintenance personnel, so there is no need to involve external resources.

Project Results

The project team has delivered a hardware and software infrastructure that meets the three core project objectives. Due to a rapid access to the required IT resources the new infrastructure is quite flexible and can meet the needs of target business users. The implementation of virtualized infrastructure has also ensured the higher level of failure resistance. For example, if one of the servers is down the system will immediately switch to another available server and the end-user will not experience any inconveniencies or interruptions in provided services. It takes only few minutes to restore the system in case of a complete breakdown; moreover some services are restored automatically without even the need to involve the IT maintenance specialists.
The new system deployed has significantly improved the quality of internal IT services and in the same time reduced system maintenance costs. Corresponding system advantages are ensured by more effective use of IT resources.

«The result of the project is an overall transformation of Amadeus Ukraine IT infrastructure. Being the company that is focused on IT innovations Amadeus Ukraine has definitely made the right decision to upgrade its software and hardware platforms. By applying state-of-the-art technologies the IT component of company infrastructure has become an easy to use and effective solution, ready to meet the rapidly changing needs of the internal customer. Furthermore, it has also enabled the company to significantly reduce the cost of the maintenance of IT infrastructure», – said Konstantin Dron, De Novo solutions architect and responsible for Amadeus system architecture development.

“Amadeus is a leading technology solutions provider and transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. Therefore the company constantly invests in technologies aimed at providing additional benefits for our partners. One of the main company objectives is to ensure technical support and effective implementation of all business processes by means of Amadeus solutions, – stated Sergey Redchyts, Deputy Director of Amadeus Ukraine. – It would be impossible to meet the predefined objectives without the effective IT infrastructure background. The specific features of company activities also have set additional requirements for IT infrastructure dynamics, security, flexibility and scalability. These are the main reasons why the company had made a decision to implement virtualization technologies and had chosen De Novo to lead this project. Rapidly changing environment of travel and tourism industry requires Amadeus Ukraine to constantly improve company performance in order to provide its customers with the most flexible and innovative services. Complex solution developed by De Novo specialists will ensure corporate IT infrastructure to comply with the industry technical requirements for the next few years.”

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