DEAC European data centers consolidate small and medium business positions

The CEOs of small and medium business segments are constantly looking for optimal IT solutions to consolidate their market position. Powerful and fault-tolerant server rental, along with additional IT solutions and technical support of Baltic largest data center operator DEAC, allows DEAC customers to consolidate their market positions, by operating with 100% data availability from any region of Russia and Europe, and saving on their IT expenditures.

The upcoming year 2010 is not expected to be an easy one for small and medium business. The Baltic largest data center operator DEAC, that recently signed an agreement with Russian national telecommunication operator “Synterra”, would like to point out for small and medium business a necessity to use the most modern and most secure infrastructure of European data centers to achieve ultimate results.

Considering current complicated world-wide financial situation, and as a result – a search for cost optimization, search for new customers, as well as security requirements increase – a powerful and fault-tolerant server rental in DEAC European data centers along with complex IT solutions is an convincing answer to all abovementioned needs. “Any company, by renting a server with business data or a part of it, in DEAC European data centers, optimizes its IT infrastructure, gets guaranteed data security and 100% data availability from any region of Russia or Europe with guaranteed data transmission speed along with 24×7 English and Russian speaking technical support”, says DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis. “For example, a powerful server rental with complete set of services with unlimited internet traffic is about 140-180 Euro p/month, which, as you must agree, compared to costs of constructing and maintaining your own IT infrastructure, looks very appealing”, adds A. Gailitis.

One of the vital factors in business development is finding new markets and new possibilities. Now, in cooperation with Russian telecommunication operator “Synterra”, DEAC communication scheme provides direct links to any region of Russia, and direct access to international internet traffic exchange points in Frankfurt, Stockholm, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga and other major cities – is a perfect opportunity for every DEAC customer to work from any region of the world with guaranteed internet connection speed. “For European customer is also quite important that our managers and technical support speaks Russian and English languages, which will definitely speed up quote processing and technical solutions troubleshooting”, continues A. Gailitis.

“Another factor in successful business development is securing the business data. DEAC data centers are a perfect solution for ultimate data safety. Servers are secured, provided with necessary micro-climate, duplicated power sources, firewall systems and constant monitoring. A total server room area is 1000 sq.m., and data center infrastructure satisfies international contiguous operation standards TIER, I, II, III, IV. Besides VPN-networks, for companies with special security requirements we can provide several security solutions with movement sensors, video monitoring and other alarm and notification systems”, explains A. Gailitis.

Source: MMD Newswire

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