DEAC scalable server resources now available within 1 hour

European data center operator “DEAC” is now providing the possibility to rent different configurations of servers within one hour. This is the first step towards the new cloud computing technology implementation to DEAC customers. Gartner named that technology as the TOP 1 technology of 2010. New opportunity will provide IT functionality to the members of all industries, and will help to save up to 40% costs, that are associated with own data center construction and maintenance.

Cloud computing technology provides the opportunity through secure internet channels to rent IT solutions, which are serviced by a high level of certified professional team available 24/7. Specially tailored solution are available within one hour from the contract signing. ” Equipping and maintaining work environment with own computers, software and IT staff nowadays is very expensive, inefficient and unsafe choice. IT industry analysts predict that during the next few years, the company data amount will grow up to 500%. This means that the cost of IT infrastructure maintenance and servicing will increase as well. Using the remote data storage in the “cloud”, the cost can be reduced by up to 40%,” “DEAC” CEO Andris Gailitis explains the benefits of virtual work environment.

Virtualization of work environment is a global trend that is becoming increasingly popular in different companies, regardless of their size, business sphere and IT budget. “Virtual work environment is especially suitable for medium and large enterprises – the larger total IT budget, the proportionally larger savings can be obtained through cloud computing technology. However, also for the small business representatives depending on their nature can be adapted specific solutions. For example, if employees are working in different locations, company owns several branches or operates with a large amount of information,” says A. Gailitis, adding that the biggest savings occur because there are no need for constant investments in computer park renovation and new software license purchase.

Gartner has called cloud computing as the TOP 1 technology of 2010, which companies can not afford to ignore. As it is known, Gartner makes number of important studies on future IT trends. Based on them, Gartner predicts that in 2012 already 20% of business representatives won’t build up own IT resources, but will use third-party bid. In most cases this development will contribute directly to rapid increase in popularity of cloud computing and virtualization solutions. “Building own data center, which would be equipped with the latest technologies, software, operate continuously and without data loss, means to invest at least 1500 EUR, depending on the company’s specifics. By comparison, DEAC new DELL Power Edge R710 server solution with 32 GB of RAM, two 4 core processors (Intel Xeon E5620, 2.4 Ghz) and six 450 GB hard drives ranging from 250 EUR per month and is available within 1 hour. And the price includes not only rental service, but also the security that ensures business continuity in all circumstances,” says A. Gailitis.

Source: MMD Newswire

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