DEAC virtual servers become a more efficient tool for expanding business processes

Virtual technologies are becoming a popular and efficient solution among different companies world-wide for business process expansion, especially nowadays, when cost reduction is an actual topic. At the same time IT experts warn entrepreneurs about the risks of virtualization and call for data storage in data centers where virtualization is maintained and monitored by most modern advanced software and highly skilled IT professionals.

Since its emergence in the 2003 virtualization has made very fast progress and been identified as one of TOP10 strategic technologies. CDW released the results of its Server Virtualization Life Cycle Report that shows that 90% of organizations with 100 employees or more reported implementation of server virtualization at some level. “Our goal is to keep pace with the modern technologies. That is why from the early 2000s we offer to our costumer for safer and more effective business spread to use the virtualization solutions. Now we are able to say that amount of requests for DEAC virtual servers is very progressive – in year 2009 number of virtual server demands has increased 100% from a year ago despite the crisis. The data of first quarter of 2010 shows that also in this year the gain will be about 100%,” DEAC CEO Andris Gailitis describes the situation.

Virtualization is used as consolidation tool that can lower costs both directly, through an immediate reduction in power and cooling costs, and indirectly, through a reduction in IT administrative costs associated with server hardware and the layers of infrastructure software management. That results in warranty of business continuity. IDC analysis of the potential to lower IT costs finds that adopting a simple virtualized infrastructure can result in a reduction of up to 35% of total annual server costs per user compared with a physical server configuration. Advanced virtualization infrastructure can deliver a total reduction of up to 52% per user per year. “We are lively expanding our activities in Russia’s market and have noticed that also there demands on virtualization are increasing,” says A.Gailitis adding that even more conservative and cautious customers start to appreciate virtualization as a safe tool for reducing expenses.

Analytics warn the entrepreneurs about risks upon the use of virtual infrastructure and call to pay additional attention to this matter. According to a report from Gartner through 2012, 60 percent of virtualized servers will be less secure than the physical servers they replace, revealed the findings. “Virtualization is a safe and repeatedly proved technology but it should be treated just as carefully as physical systems. Mainly risks involve wrong choice of solutions and unprofessional technical support. One should take into consideration that the new – virtual – environment is being established that significantly differ from the physical. That is why DEAC offers customers to use virtual server test regime for one month free of charge,” A.Gailitis appeals to assess safety aspects.

DEAC has worked out safe and effective solutions for mall and medium business needs. For example a virtual server solution, offered by DEAC, is based on several powerful physical servers DELL PowerEdge 2950, which are equipped with 2 Quad Core processors, 32-64 GB RAM, high-speed SAS hard drives with 15000 rpm starting from 27 Eur/month. For big corporative companies we suggest to elaborate an individual virtualization solution that is maximally adjusted to business demands.

Source: DEAC

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