DevHacks Romania 2015

DevHacks Romania 2015
Start: November 21, 2015
End: November 22, 2015
Address: National Library of Romania Bulevardul Unirii 22, Bucharest, Romania
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What makes you different, as a hackathon participant? It is your fantastic ability to stay alert for 24h? Maybe your ability to stay focused even if you don’t have a clue about what idea you should implement? Or is it the tricks you use to win the big prize?

All these things are cool and thumbs up for all the effort you invest in them. What we want to see at DevHacks is the passion for what you do which will transform in amazing solutions.

Welcome to DevHacks, where we want to transform the local reality and where actions will become solutions!

What makes DevHacks the best hackathon on the planet?

  • 400 most talented hackathon participants with whom you can network and work with.
  • The prizes.
  • Demos, cool mentors, awesome sponsors to give you the inspiration you need to code.
  • Fun, Chill, Food, Coffee and more to keep you awake and functional.
  • 24h of coding which might bring you the AHA moment you need to find the perfect solutions.
  • Sponsors awards, counseling meetings with the mentors, start sessions.

Who should attend DevHacks?

Everybody who is strong at software or hardware is more than welcomed.

Coders of any age, who master any language even if it is html/css, javascript, java, c/c++/c#, phyton, ruby, ioS, Android &others, looking for a job or not, interested in learning new skills or sharing theirs, participating for fun or for the prizes.



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