Drupal Global Training Day 2016 (AG Prime)

Drupal Global Training Day 2016 (AG Prime)
Start: September 10, 2016
Address: AG Prime, Macului Street, no. 19-21, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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Drupal Global Training Day is an initiative of the Drupal Association with the purpose of introducing new and beginning users to Drupal.

The participants will take part at a workshop, where they will learn how to build a website from scratch using Drupal. They will learn the basics of Drupal and enter the amazing world of Drupal projects and will have the chance to meet the capacities of Drupal 8.

Who Should Attend?

  • PHP/Web developers: Enhance your career with extra knowledge.
  • Career switchers: Are you looking to make the leap to a career in Information Technologies? Site building with Drupal is a fantastic way to do it.
  • Everyone who is interested in knowing what Drupal is, evaluating or implementing Drupal.



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