E-Banking 2012 As Seen By Qulix Systems

E-Banking 2012 As Seen By Qulix Systems

Among numerous other business dimensions Qulix Systems is actively engaged in software development for banking and finance sectors. Just recently the company acted as a partner of the third E-Banking Forum. The event was held in Moscow on 14 June 2012.

The forum addressed the following topics: forecasting and worldwide trends in remote banking services development, best practices of online and mobile banking systems implementation, economic impact and effectiveness of remote banking, etc. The list of speakers included famous domestic specialists and foreign guests.

Qulix team members showcased their solutions for remote banking: mobile banking, online banking and PDA banking software suites. The distinguishing mark of the demonstration was a windows Phone 7 mobile banking app developed by the company specialists. Forum participants had a chance to try the app themselves.

‘We didn’t just present our solutions to the participants, we also collected feedback about other similar events, advice on product promotional strategy selection. Apart from that, we were invited to tender for development of a mobile banking software solution for one of the top Russian banks,’ mentioned Olga Balashenko, Senior Business Analyst at Qulix Systems, when talking about participation in the forum.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the company was recognized not only by the regular visitors of banking related events but by the media as well. This leads to a conclusion that Qulix Systems is turning into a noticeable player in the e-banking systems market and sure enough knows what kind of products and services will be of interest and in demand.

Source: Qulix Systems

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