Eastern European Countries Have the Highest Offshore IT Developer Rates

May 1, 2011 – It experts and specialist journals announce the news that is set to take the IT outsourcing world by storm. It seems that in spite of the fact that the traditional outsourcing countries such as India, China or Russia are still the most popular and most often used, the most efficient and cost-effective solutions come from a few Eastern European states such as Romania or Hungary.

Statistically, those are the countries with the most diversified and attractive offshore vendor selection for your companies to choose from. If you are wondering which aspects and elements have been taken into consideration when making the rates of the top countries where it is the easiest to find developers in order to outsource the IT services that Western companies usually provide, here is a list with the most important ones.

First of all, the geopolitical circumstances of the countries. In spite of all the opportunities to find developers, no company is interested in offshoring to countries near war zones or with international political unresolved issues, due to the fact that the dangers of the war theaters or political instabilities can affect the means through which the two partners communicate and, most importantly, the quality of the discussions and services provided to the clients.

Secondly, countries with high superior education levels are favored to attract the highest rates for the offshore vendor selection. This comes as no surprise, given the wish of all the Western companies to deliver only services of the highest quality to their customers.

Other factors that have contributed to the finding that the Romanian, Hungarian and other Eastern European offshore vendor selection companies have the highest IT developer rates are the sizes of the companies, the vendor business models, the engagement models and other contract details.

Keep in mind that each company negotiates the rates for the offshore vendor selection which it contracts in order to outsource its’ IT services such as tech support.

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