Eastern European Vendors in the ITO Elite

Some key trends in the global ITO industry development were revealed with the announcement of this year’s Global Services 100 survey results. IT outsourcing evolves and current trends are more than positive for Eastern European outsourcing vendors that come to the global arena and prove as solid players that shall be taken seriously now. The findings of the study attest that Russian and Eastern European software development companies have joined the Big League of IT outsourcing services providers to compete with India-based recognized giants.

Over its 4-year history, the GS study has earned a reputation of a trusted source of global outsourcing information for ITO buyers which manifests the leading providers of business and technology services and reflects major trends of ITO market development. This year New Jersey based EPAM Systems with major development centers in Russia, Hungary, Belarus and Ukraine not only reconfirmed for the third time its leading position in the Eastern European market (see the recent article from Global Services magazine). EPAM also became the first and the sole software engineering services provider with development locations in Central and Eastern Europe that made the global Top 10 “Best Performing IT Services Providers” list, rated 8th overall. Recognition of an Eastern European outsourcing vendor alongside such established leaders as TCS, IBM, Infosys, etc. testifies to its demonstrated delivery capabilities, depth of the engineering talent and client satisfaction, which makes the achievement even more crucial for the whole region.

CEE (Russia, Central and Eastern European countries) could always boast excellent software engineering skills and a vast resource pool practicing creative approach to task solving and focusing on delivering the most complex IT solutions. Until recently customers from Western Europe and America would opt for India when it came to software services outsourcing. But with the region’s current maturing economies on the whole and sustainable growth in its IT industry in particular Western customers turn to accept Central/Eastern European and Russian software services companies as trustworthy outsourcing partners offering top quality services and deep technology expertise. Acknowledged by numerous expert surveys, CEE is now viewed as a lucrative offshore location. Whereas Forrester predicts 9 percent increase in the global demand for IT outsourcing services in 2008, Central/Estern Europe and Russia step to the forestage as a strong competitor to the today’s ITO services mainstream destinations.

Source: EPAM

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