Discover the #EC7 App Developed by Fortech

Discover the #EC7 App Developed by Fortech

A long-term partner of Electric Castle, Fortech developed the #EC7 app.

For the third year, Fortech and Electric Castle teamed up to build the official application for one of Europe’s best music festivals, sought out by 200.000+ attendees.

To navigate the 300.000 m2 grounds of Electric Castle, see the line-up, create a custom schedule and find all the hidden paths, the 200.000+ attendees of the festival relied on a unique guide: the EC official app. We are happy to bring our contribution, dedication and expertise to every new edition of the app in order to enhance the users experience, as we continue our long-term partnership with Electric Castle.

As a top Romanian IT services company that provides full-stack software development, Fortech’s team has the right know-how when it comes to building a customizable festival app focused on the participants’ needs. The tailored EC app included a dynamic schedule which allowed the attendees to create their custom program, an interactive map that kept every participant orientated and live updates through push notifications.

Also, the “Wristband” option gave the users the possibility of connecting directly to the festival’s payment system in order to charge their bracelets with credit and avoid the queues. All the participants that felt inspired sent messages for the “EC Billboard” right from the application.

Fortech Team at EC7

The dedicated, iOS and Android teams at Fortech leveraged their software development experience to upgrade the 2018 version of the app into an even cooler and more reliable guide for every participant. Since it was built as a modular app, our team was able to integrate all the new features of the 7th edition in record time, all to support the participants 24-hour experience at Electric Castle.

“Building the EC app for the 7th edition was a great assignment. It dared us to think differently, adapt to a short timeframe, and put our expertise and imagination at work to have it ready for the first day of the festival. For the 2019 version, we’ve worked on updating the app, develop and integrate new features.

We were able to accommodate the incoming requests from our client regardless of the tight deadline and through regular, real time syncing sessions, the result was an app that guided thousands of people. I am proud that we did a great team with our client and equally happy with our tech team’s work and unwavering dedication . I thank them all for their contribution”, said Alex Bartis, Team Lead.

Discover the #EC7 app new features: from “New Media Castle” to “Dark Mode”

As a premiere for the festival, the castle hosted an array of exhibitions. The “New Media Castle” option allowed all the attendees to plan their visit by consulting the 3D map of the 16th-century estate, choose what to see and rate the experience. Was it Schreiberʼs use of contemporary technology or NONOTAK’s immersive and dreamlike environment?

The Fortech team organized regular check-ups with the end-client to ensure good integration of the desired functionalities aiming to offer a smooth experience to each user. The final output is an easy to navigate, visually engaging guide that helped participants create memories and enjoy the event even more.

Source: Fortech

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