Eclipse SP expands its mobile portfolio

Eclipse SP, a member of Sigma Group, has further strengthened its position in mobile industry — the company won a contract to develop an innovative solution for mobile ads.

Since Eclipse SP has extensive experience in delivering solutions for mobile & telecommunications industry, including development for iPhone and Android platforms, the team was requested to develop an innovative mobile ad system for a US Customer.

Within the framework of the contract, dedicated development & design team from Eclipse SP is responsible for delivering one of the most innovative mobile advertising and analytics systems for branding and monetization on the mobile web. The system connects mobile application developers with advertising publishers and provides effective and easy to use solution to embed commercials into various mobile applications.

“In iPhone and Android apps area, creativity is what’s really important — aside from being the best coder or best graphic designer, what makes the difference is being able to come up with really novel ways to use the sensors and social networking on the phone to help people,” says Egor Goroshko, Eclipse SP Mobile Solutions Department Manager. “We are excited to contribute to such an aspiring project.”

The solution supports iPhone and Android mobile platforms and provides powerful analytical tools, allows easy ads publication, creating advertising campaigns and targeting functionality.

“Mobile sector undergoes rapid changes during recent years and so will do in the future,” says Vladimir Chirva, Eclipse SP Development Director. “And we are willing to further concentrate on developing innovative smart solutions in this ever so thriving industry.”

Source: Eclipse SP

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