Cybersecurity: e-Commerce, Governance and Applied Certifications

Cybersecurity: e-Commerce, Governance and Applied Certifications
Start: December 15, 2015
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As cybersecurity gains momentum in industries as a hot topic and buzz word, how many know how it is really impacting businesses in today’s corporate and government arenas? Where do you focus your energies?

How do you know where your greatest vulnerabilities exist? Is it in e-commerce with the collection of sensitive data and credit card information on everything from a smart phone to a desktop?

What do government organizations have to be concerned with to comply? How does the certifications and education you gain get applied to produce real world results?

Join for a live webinar as they share with you the areas they see cybersecurity practically being applied in business and government. See some shocking statistics that will help you focus your cybersecurity view. Understand how wide the range of cybersecurity spans and how to get a more focused view by strategically looking at what holds the greatest risk and how companies decide where to apply their security resources.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Cybersecurity – Living with the new reality.
  • Strategic Investments to mitigate cyber risk.
  • Corporate and government alignment challenges.
  • Is there a false sense of security?
  • From zero tolerance to full acceptance – what does the future hold.
  • Key differences with infrastructure, software, and mobility.


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