EDB ErgoGroup Is Now EVRY

EDB ErgoGroup Is Now EVRY

EDB ErgoGroup, our parent company, has changed its name to EVRY. This change marks the final phase of the merger between two of Norway’s leading IT companies: EDB and ErgoGroup. Since 2010, the resulting company has been known as EDB ErgoGroup. As a mere practical amalgamation of the two monikers, the name EDB ErgoGroup does not represent a forward-looking, internationally-focused IT company—EVRY does.

For the past 12 months the 10 000 employees of this new entity worked to create a new mission, a new vision—a new corporate culture focused on creating value for both customers and society. As stated in an article on EVRY’s website, it will be creating this value through:

  • Each and every employee, every single day
  • Every customer for which EVRY creates value
  • Every critical system for which EVRY plays a role
  • Every colleague who takes responsibility and inspires others
  • Every person who is affected by EVRY through the benefits for society in which we play a role
  • Every opportunity that EVRY recognizes and takes up

EVRY provides IT services to around 1 million Norwegians per day, and virtually Norway’s entire population per week. Its long-term goal is to become the Nordic Region’s leading IT company by 2015, accomplishing this by taking a critical approach to investing its time and financial resources. It will also strive to develop a strong market position, and to be the best at knowing its customers.

Infopulse is proud to be a part of EVRY, and looks forward to continually providing innovative IT products and services.

Source: Infopulse

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