Effective Promotion of Architectural Design – Cutting-edge Interactive Architectural Visualization from Softengi

Effective Promotion of Architectural Design – Cutting-edge Interactive Architectural Visualization from Softengi

Softengi’s 3D Studio has developed a unique Unity-based solution for architectural visualization, allowing construction companies and architectural firms not only to present beneficially their projects, but also to reduce by 40% the cost of 3D presentation development.

Interactive 3D presentations are a new effective promotion tool for architectural projects, particularly for demonstration of projects to investors, buyers, tenants, at the exhibitions and other special events. The technology, developed by the 3D Softengi team avoids demonstration of drawings and pictures of the future object, and provides a unique opportunity to upgrade the level of visual quality, which has been previously not possible for interactive visualization in conjunction with the complete freedom of action for the user interested in exploring the future architectural object.

With this technology, the user will have the opportunity to explore the future object from all sides, look into every nook and cranny, feel there like a pedestrian, or check from a bird’s eye view if the house is in harmony with the environment – all this is possible now with an application developed by Softengi 3D team.

Alexander Nagorny, head of 3D and augmented reality solutions department in Softengi: “This technology was previously used only in game development. Its innovative use in architectural visualization will reduce the cost of such work by 40% in comparison to all existing technologies for architectural visualization development.”

Among the advantages of such interactive 3D presentation:

  • realistic images,
  • complete freedom of user (user can walk, fly, open doors, look in the windows, etc.),
  • ability to change the time of day for the presentation, lighting and even the weather conditions,
  • all possible formats of data to accelerate the creation of the object (AutoCAD, Maya, and 3DS Max, Sketch-Up),
  • instant view of changes without waiting for the results of rendering
  • and the ability to take real time pictures of the future building and record video.

This unique technology allows you to create not only exterior but also interior architectural visualization to the smallest detail – utilities, furnishing, floors, parking lots and vehicles. In addition, the developed application includes the ability to create an augmented reality for smartphones and tablets, when the smartphone directed on the place shows the existing landscape, captured by the camera, complementing it with the projected future architectural object image.

About the Company:

Softengi Company provides IT outsourcing and has fifteen years of experience in this field. The company is the part of the Intecracy Group. The main areas of work are the development of software for foreign customers, establishment of development and operation centers, which cover the full cycle of the processes of the customer.

Source: Softengi

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