EffectiveSoft organizes meetings and conference on semantic technologies in Tel Aviv

EffectiveSoft Company is pleased to invite all interested parties to participate in conference and meetings on semantic technologies in Tel Aviv, Israel from 12-16 December, 2010. To sign up for meetings with EffectiveSoft experts or attend semantic conferences use our contact form. Time and place of meetings will be appointed by request.

EffectiveSoft representative Alex Kirkovsky, VP of Business Development at EffectiveSoft Ltd is about to highlight company’s developments, researches and products based on semantic technologies and natural language processing. The series of meetings with Israel audience will be hold in Tel Aviv during the official visit to Israel of Belarus Hi Tech Park delegates.

Meeting and conference will open a subject of semantic technologies and document management, solutions for information retrieval and processing, document categorization and summarization and other topics. EffectiveSoft leverages information analysis on the level of its meaning to efficiently and accurately categorize, compare, and summarize documents. Find out more about our products here http://www.intellexer.com/

Don’t miss the change to get or extend your knowledge about semantic tools and technologies by EffectiveSoft. Send us your contact details via this form http://www.effectivesoft.com/contact.php and our managers will get in touch with you to appoint a convenient time and place of meeting.

Source: EffectiveSoft

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