ELEKS Exhibits at Localization World Conference in Silicon Valley

ELEKS Exhibits at Localization World Conference in Silicon Valley

November 2, 2011 – Henderson, Nevada and Lviv, Ukraine – ELEKS Localization, a division of ELEKS – a global provider of software development and full-cycle localization services, today announced that it recently took part by exhibiting at the Localization World Conference Silicon Valley – the preeminent conference in the world for localization (L10n) and Internationalization (i18n) professionals.  The conference was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California on October 10-12, 2011.

ELEKS has become a regular exhibitor at the bi-annual conference that focuses on the needs of the L10n and i18n business communities.  Each year, the show organizers host one conference on the West Coast of the United States, and another in Europe.  Attendees included L10n and i18n vendors, industry luminaries and most important to ELEKS Localization, L10n personnel from globally recognized companies from around the world.  As more and more companies look to expand their products and services internationally, L10n professionals come to Localization World conferences to study emerging L10n trends, share their experiences and those who seek L10n and i18n service providers who are experts in their respective fields.

ELEKS Localization has been an exhibitor at Localization World Conference events since early 2010 – exhibiting at the past four conferences.  This back-to-back participation has shown potential L10n clients that ELEKS is taking this market very seriously and seeks to grow its L10n business unit.  By being an active participant at these conferences, ELEKS’ localization market awareness has increased significantly.

Over the past years, ELEKS has had to add 50 full-time L10n professionals to the ELEKS Localization staff to keep pace with the increased work demands.  ELEKS now has roughly 500 technically oriented professionals on staff, of which more than 170 are now dedicated solely to the L10n group.  Prior to attending our first Localization World Conference almost two years ago, ELEKS Localization had already established itself as a reliable and technically savvy L10n and software QA testing services provider for several well-known Fortune 500 ISVs – mostly through word of mouth referrals.  With more and more L10n and QA work coming its way, ELEKS Localization has grown to become one of the largest, if not the largest L10n companies in Eastern Europe.

“Many L10n vendors started their businesses as translation or language service providers,” noted Taras Tovstyak, Director of ELEKS Localization.  “ELEKS Localization on the other hand, grew from having more than 20 years’ experience as a software development provider.  With this technical focus, ELEKS differentiated itself as a true full-cycle L10n provider with a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of L10n.  Put another way, companies looking for more than just translation services will often be referred to ELEKS Localization to solve their L10n needs.  This is especially true with software ISVs who need L10n and QA help from people with a strong software background.”

Apart from exhibiting and attending sessions, Taras Tovstyak was chosen by show officials to present a sophisticated resourcing planning package called TeamPro at a session focused on demonstrating innovative technologies.  TeamPro is a custom application developed by ELEKS over several years.  TeamPro has evolved years to allow ELEKS’ management to track the progress of contracted projects using easy to understand graphics instead of having mangers filtering through reams of data to determine if a project is on schedule.  To show that a project is on budget and on time, TeamPro has been tailored to allowing customers to view the same detailed graphics showing the status of any given project, thus avoiding any surprises.


Headquartered in both Henderson, Nevada (USA) and Lviv, Ukraine, ELEKS is a global provider of software development and full-cycle localization services.  ELEKS specializes in software solutions for the Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare.  Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.

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