ELEKS Named a Leader in the Top IT Outsourcing Companies List

ELEKS Named a Leader in the Top IT Outsourcing Companies List

The company tops the list of 25 outsourcing providers with outstanding track records of client success in 2017, according to the new Clutch’s research

August 10, 2017 – Lviv, Ukraine – Clutch, a US-based B2B research firm released the list of the 25 best outsourcing companies in the industry, featuring ELEKS as a leader.

The analysis took several important factors into consideration. The first benchmark was demonstrating a significant focus on IT consulting and outsourced development services. After that, companies were graded based on their ability to deliver on client expectations. 

Confirming a focus in outsourced services meant selecting eligible vendors with a clear history of offshore and nearshore offerings. Those chosen were then advanced to the second and most important stage–assessment through interviews with current and past clients. 

All 25 companies showcased in this report supplied Clutch with client references willing to be interviewed. These in-depth conversations let analysts determine whether or not vendors could, in fact, deliver on the expectations they set with clients.

ELEKS is a top-five company in the list of the 15 vendors named market leaders. Another 10 companies ranked top contenders.

“Outsourcing has historically been a risky business, or at least that’s been the prevailing mentality for a lot of buyers,”

                                                               said Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch.

“The important thing to remember is that reliable outsourcing partners do exist, but they can be challenging to find. This report aims to address that.”

Source: ELEKS
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