ELEKS’ Data Science Office Recognised as AI/ML Team of the Year

ELEKS’ Data Science Office Recognised as AI/ML Team of the Year

On May 25th, 2022  The AI & Machine Learning Awards announced the winners of 2022. ELEKS’ Data Science Office has been recognised as AI/ML Team of the Year for the first time. “ELEKS’ DSO projects show an amazing breadth of capability and talent, spanning AI and machine learning for a multitude of industries and clients. It’s clear that the team has grown in the last few years, developing core specialisms. We liked the fact that ELEKS concentrates on narrow applications of AI, demonstrating a real intent and focus on outcomes and benefits”, award’s founders admit.

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards recognise the best companies, individuals, and projects in the AI space today. The awards cover every corner of the industry: security, ethics, data analysis, innovation and more, as well as showcasing the movers and shakers: the technology heroes and projects that deserve industry-wide praise.

“Data science is a field that is about more than just innovations or complex technologies; it’s about synergy, expertise, and cross-domain knowledge. The way one specialist handles the project is significantly different from the teamwork. Mutual support and knowledge sharing are key components to a team’s project’s success. With that in mind, we are honoured to be recognised as the “AI/ML Team of the Year”. This is a result of our hard work and continuous development of expertise since 2013, as well as our many successful projects, demos, applications of technology and academic work”, said Volodymyr Getmanskyi, Head of Data Science Office at ELEKS.

About ELEKS 

ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company, providing expert software engineering and consultancy services for 30 years. Its talent pool of over 2,000+ specialists covers niches from Big Data to data migration and custom software development, making it the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs, and technology challenges.

ELEKS HQ is based in Tallinn, Estonia, with development centres and offices in Ukraine, USA, Canada, Germany, Poland, Croatia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, UAE and Japan.

Source: IT Ukraine Association

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