ELEKS Software to Participate in “Localization World 2010” in Seattle

Henderson, NV – October 4, 2010 – ELEKS Software, a global software and full-cycle localization services provider for US and European markets, today announced that it will take part in exhibiting at the “Localization World 2010” international business conference in Seattle, Washington and will be exhibiting its services at booth #45.  The conference will be held October 6-8 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center.  

The Localization World 2010 event will bring together more than 500 attendees, including top localization, internationalization and globalization vendors, industry luminaries and business leaders from around the globe to share their experiences and knowledge on how companies can successfully transition products, technologies, web services and e-learning solutions for global markets. 

“ELEKS Software has maintained a dedicated localization group within the company for 6 years and our business has spread primarily via word of mouth – at least up to now,” noted Alex Skrypnyk, CEO for ELEKS Software.  “We see a growing number of companies seeking to localize their products for global markets who need our help and were advised by our customers that the Localization World Conferences were the best venues to spread the word that we can offer a wide range of localization services.” 

ELEKS Localization group’s first exhibition was this past June at the Localization World (LocWorld) Conference in Berlin, Germany.  The attendees were truly interested to learn what ELEKS’ message meant – When you need more than just translation.  According to Taras Tovstyak, ELEKS’ Localization Division Manager, “ELEKS understood that the localization process was far more than translating text strings from one language to others.  This was the easy part.  It is what is done with translated text strings deep within the software where ELEKS really stands out.  The end user has to feel that a given product was specifically designed with that person’s specific locale in mind. It simply has to work and feel natural.” 

The LocWorld Conference in Berlin proved to be a very worthwhile venue as an exhibitor for ELEKS.  The company enticed attendees by giving away the newly introduce Apple® iPad™ to draw attention to itself.  The iPad had only become available in Europe a day earlier.  ELEKS got noticed.  The attendees were curious about who ELEKS was and what their specialties were within the localization arena.  Many were surprised to learn of ELEKS’ size of roughly 100 dedicated to localization.  And this 100 was only a portion of the company’s 400 highly skilled and dedicated staff members working out of the engineering campus headquarters based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Hearing ELEKS’ company message at LocWorld Berlin, the attendees realized that ELEKS was not like many of the smaller translation houses exhibiting at the conference, but rather, a serious company to be considered for a wide spectrum of full-cycle localization services.  These services included analysis and preparations, translation, localization automation, first cycle software testing, UI linguistic review, bug fixing, help and documentation integration, final testing and QA, and localized product release.  ELEKS is qualified to work with software applications, web portals, documentation, animations, audio and video, and e-learning solutions.

Following the LocWorld Conference in Berlin, ELEKS Localization’s ranks grew yet again to more than 140 professionals to keep pace with new localization projects.  ELEKS Localization is now the fastest growing department within ELEKS Software itself.

ELEKS looks forward to being an exhibitor at the upcoming Localization World 2010 Conference in Seattle.  For the first time, ELEKS’ Localization team will have direct contact with industry leaders and managers from companies in the United States, who are seeking assistance to globalize, internationalize and localize their products for global markets.

About ELEKS Software

ELEKS Software is a global organization delivering software services and solutions for diverse markets in the USA and Europe.  The company provides software product development services including conceptualization, architecture design, implementation, quality assurance, and localization, as well as web programming and design.  ELEKS Software specializes in software solutions for the Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, Engineering Design Automation, Power Distribution Analysis and Management, and e-Government markets.  Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS Software to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.

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