ELEKS Proud to Sponsor GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in California, USA

ELEKS Proud to Sponsor GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in California, USA

ELEKS will have a presence as a sponsor and exhibitor at GTC alongside with other globally known top-notch technology companies: Adobe, Amazon, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

Henderson, Nevada and Lviv, Ukraine – ELEKS today announced that it will be a Silver sponsor of NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference which goes in San Jose, California (USA) from May, 14 – May, 17. This conference is one of the world’s fastest-growing computational science and visualization events, prestigious to attend and honorable to be a sponsor of.

This Year We Are Speaking at NVIDIA’s GTC

Among the speakers at the conference, ELEKS’ Head of HPC Unit and Project Manager of the strategic HPC projects, Oleh Khoma will dwell on the design, development and implementation of the effective HPC architecture.

“Effective HPC system is so much more than just General-purpose graphics processing units (GPGPU), “says Oleh. “Real-world applications usually require storing huge amounts of data, scheduling of computation jobs, monitoring of system health and results visualization. Our engineers are able to share their experience on some of the pitfalls to avoid and things to consider when planning your next HPC system that works.”


“I suppose it is really worth participating in this conference since we have such an experienced team of CUDA and FPGA solutions development and HPC consulting, engineering, implementation and application support specialists, “notes Alex Skrypnyk, CEO of ELEKS. “So our HPC experts will have a good opportunity to discuss the impact of GPUs on commercial applications, research and science with the other engineers and developers from all over the world.”

Go Effective HPC Architecture – Go ELEKS

  • First-hand experience in design, development and implementation of end-to-end HPC solutions;
  • ELEKS services customers from start-ups to Fortune 500 customers from the financial, risk management, insurance and reinsurance areas, as well as in the reign of video and image processing, where analyzing huge amounts of data in the shortest period of time possible is a critical factor of success;
  • ELEKS CUDA experts, first certified professionals in Ukraine, are capable of engineering the most sophisticated systems, squeezing every bit of performance out of modern day GPUs and developing truly breakthrough products;
  • Successfully completed a number of complex bespoke HPC solutions utilizing the power of NVIDIA GPGPU cards.

Working on the most complex computational problems? Interested in utilizing the GPU power to its max? – Attend GPU Technology Conference 2012 and meet ELEKS HPC specialists to discover the outstanding performance of our HPC solutions!


ELEKS (ELEKS.com) is a global organization delivering software development, localization and testing services for diverse markets in the USA and Europe. ELEKS specializes in software solutions for the Finance, Banking, Insurance and Healthcare. Customers rely on the exceptional experience and talent of the employees of ELEKS to facilitate the delivery of high quality services and solutions.

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