ELEKS Software Announces Exclusive Partnership for NetInfo SRL to Market “Doctor Eleks” in Moldova and Romania

ELEKS Software, a global software services provider, and NetInfo SRL, a Software Development and IT service company, headquartered in Chisinau, Moldova, announced an exclusive partnership for NetInfo to promote, sell and support ELEKS’ Medical Information System (MIS) known as “Doctor Eleks”, in Moldovan and Romanian markets.

“Doctor Eleks” is an advanced, multi-user medical information system that automates all aspects of patient management. The system is highly flexible and can scale for use in smallscale doctor’s offices, mid-sized clinics and large hospitals. “Doctor Eleks” eliminates paperwork, so physicians can concentrate more on patient care and less on entering and storing data manually.

“Doctor Eleks” does not work alone, but rather, integrates with a variety of electronic medical devices using medical connectivity standards. The system is capable of managing the storage and processing of video and graphic images captured by a wide range of diagnostic equipment, such as ultrasound, colposcopes, endoscopes and CAT scanners. Additionally, to support a collaborative working environment, the system is designed to communicate securely with systems located in external laboratories and other healthcare institutions leveraging “Health Level 7” (HL7), the international standard for the exchange and sharing of vital electronic medical records. The system works with Microsoft Windows (Server 2003, XP, Vista), integrates with Microsoft SQL databases and is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 platforms.

Over the past year, the “Doctor Eleks” offering has continued to gain market penetration and win prestigious awards across Europe. To keep pace with the growing demand, ELEKS is expanding its network of “Doctor Eleks” Certified Partners throughout Central and Eastern Europe and localized the product to meet the local needs of medical professionals in specific targeted markets.

NetInfo has known and worked indirectly with ELEKS for nearly a decade on various projects. Seeing the same growth potential for advanced medical information systems in their region, NetInfo began talks with ELEKS Software to market and sell “Doctor Eleks” in Moldovan and Romanian markets. For their part, NetInfo’s management sent teams to ELEKS’ Training Academy located in Lviv, Ukraine, for specialized “Doctor Eleks” product and support training. Peter Konovalov, ELEKS Software Business Director, expressed his satisfaction with the forthcoming cooperation. “For years, we’ve had an exceptional collaborative working relationship with NetInfo on several projects developing specialized software for financial industries. Computerization of medical information demands great responsibility, therefore, our two companies have combined their efforts to provide customers with advanced technologies, state-of-the-art software products and technical support for improving the efficiency and flow of information for medical institutions.”

NetInfo will formally present and demonstrate the localized version of “Doctor Eleks” to the “Professional Associations of Doctors of the Republic of Moldova” at the “16th MoldMedizin & MoldDent Conference” on September 7 – 10, 2010. The conference will be held at the MoldExpo International exhibition center in Chisinau, Moldova. During the conference and at their stand, company experts will familiarize medical professionals with “Doctor Eleks’” features and capacities, as well as talk about cooperation terms and answer questions.

“The partnership with ELEKS Software is one of strategic long-term vision,” said Sergey Ryngach, IT Director for NetInfo SRL. “Implementing the Doctor Eleks system, specifically developed to automate medical records and procedures for our markets, is one that we know has been highly desired for a long time, but unavailable or unaffordable up to now. We feel that we can fill that market need now and at the same time, improve patient care too.”

Source: IT Ukraine

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